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Chair: Kathleen Hill
Retired Principal

Executive Council
The Executive Council acts on behalf of the board between meetings, if necessary, and assists the Board Chair to plan board meetings. It also acts as the personnel committee of the Board of Directors as well as reviews the ongoing activities of the standing committees, their purpose, and their charge.

Kathleen Hill—Chair
Ester Asbell—Chair Elect
Mary Ellen Arigo
Christina DeGroff
William Downey

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee oversees the development and management of the budget. The committee also assists the board of directors in fully understanding the finances of the New England League of Middle Schools. It also advises personnel in matters regarding financial planning and management of the budget.

William Downey—Chair
Kathleen Hill
Ester Asbell
Christina DeGroff
Marcia Ross

Nominations & Elections Committee
The Nominations and Elections Committee oversees membership voting of officers and regional representatives. Its focus is to insure the integrity of the membership voting process. This committee reviews procedures, counts ballots, tabulates results and reports the findings to the Board of Directors. This committee also recommends changes in procedures, representation, and other related matters to the board.

Mary Jean Fawcett—Chair
Kathleen Hill
Christina DeGroff

Recognition Committee
This committee celebrates and publicly recognizes creative and exemplary practices of individuals, teams, schools, and organizations that are consistent with the mission and belief of NELMS.

Dulcey Worth—Chair
Ross Edminster

Please Note:

At the discretion of the Board ad hoc committees may be formed for specific topics such as technology, research, and/or for a specific purpose.