NELMS Whole School Assessment

Using the research in Turning Points 2000 and This We Believe, Successful Schools for Young Adolescents, a whole school assessment helps you plan for the future by looking at your current practices. The process combines a self-study with observations from a visiting team to formulate a report with commendations and recommendations. At your request, NELMS can help design your professional development plan for the next three to five years. The program includes a planning phase, a three-day on-site visit, and a final assessment report.

After many years of research and filed testing in schools throughout New England, the New England League of Middle Schools Assessment Program has proven to be highly successful. The assessment process reflects effective middle school practices.

The NELMS Assessment:

  • is based on the research in Turning Points 2000
  • incorporates AMLE's This We Believe-Successful Schools for Young Adolescents
  • is cost effective
  • is flexible - NELMS tailors the plan to your needs
  • includes materials to complete a self-study of your middle level school provides for follow-up services

Seven areas are examined using the overarching indicator to ensure success
for every student:

  • Curriculum & assessment
  • Instruction
  • Middle level teachers and staff
  • Relationships for learning
  • Govern democratically
  • Healthy school environment
  • Involving parents and community

Assessments provide valuable data to help focus positive change in school programs and practices. This data gathering instrument is based on landmark documents published by the Association of Middle Level Education's This We Believe and The Carnegie Foundation's Turning Points 2000.

What is the typical timeline for a full assessment?

Typically the assessment has three major phases:

  • The planning and self-study phase involves consultation with a NELMS representative who assists in setting up a steering committee and outlining assessment activities. All data gathering and compilation are collected in this self-study phase.
  • The second phase is a school visit by an on-site visiting team composed of veteran middle level educators who spend three days at your school verifiying the information in your self-study and gathering their own observations.
  • The third phase is the report of the visiting team which is sent to your school's steering committee. The report includes commendations and recommendations for the various indicators and should be combined with your self-study to develop school goals.

Phases one, two, and three can be completed in as few as four school months.

What are the budget considerations?

The comprehensive, middle level focused Whole School Assessment is offered as a service to the profession for only $5,500 for members. Compare our price to what others are charging and ask yourself, do any of them have the middle level experience and depth of understanding that NELMS has?

Other monetary considerations?

  • Secretarial services at the school if needed
  • Travel expenses that include mileage (at the current IRS rate), tolls, meals, and housing costs for the Visiting Team for three days and nights.
  • Schools must be a current NELMS Comprehensive member.

Are there other options?

  • A less intensive one-day assessment is an option. This one-day assessment is designed as a lower cost option for schools. Please call the office for details. After a conversation with a NELMS representative, your professional staff will complete the self-study. Once the results are compiled, the lead assessors will visit the school for a day and interview staff members. A report, with a narrower scope and less depth than the Whole School report, will be submitted to the school with strengths and recommendations.
  • NELMS can also custom design an assessment to meet your specific needs.

How is a successful assessment recognized?

The Executive Director of the New England League of Middle Schools will issue a document acknowledging the successful completion of the assessment process by your school. The text will signify that the programs, services, and curriculum in place at your school have been assessed by NELMS. While the document does not have an expiration date, the value of periodic reassessment is obvious.

NELMS can also custom design as Assessment Program to better
meet your school's needs.

NELMS Whole School Assessments Validate Your Direction!

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