Annual Conference 2018
Ticketed Keynote Luncheon

Updated 11/15/17

Keynote lunches are $40 per day for members or non-members of NELMS.

picture of jack berckemeyer

Dave Burgess

Teaching Outside the Box:
A Crash Course in Creative Brainstorming
Thursday, April 5, 2018
12:15–1:45 PM

A fast-paced and fun session designed to teach techniques that will skyrocket creativity. You will learn how to use their brain like Google, create a GPS system for powerful teaching, and magically create new ideas through Creative Alchemy. In addition, learn how to overcome obstacles that stifle creativity by using the Wedding Photographer Principle. You’ll leave truly believing you are a creative being and inspired to add memorable experiences for students to your lesson plans. picture of penny kittle

Penny Kittle

Teaching Poetry to Transform Thinking About Reading and Writing
Friday, April 6, 2018
12:15–1:30 PM

Reading, writing and performing poetry may seem impractical or frivolous in this age of accountability, but poetry teaches an attention to craft that improves all writing. Poetry is big thinking in small spaces: it teaches efficiency, clarity, and an attention to tone and pace. Poetry invites study at the word and phrase level, ignites a passionate response, and when shared, strengthens a classroom community. From poetry analysis to play with form, students find themselves in words.

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