Annual Conference 2017 Keynotes
Debbie Silver & Monte Selby

Updated 10-24-16

picture of debbie silver

Debbie Silver

Falling Down 7 Times, Get Up 8:
Teaching Kids to Succeed
March 30, 2017

Do you ever ask yourself, “Just how am I supposed to motivate these kids?” The real question, of course, is how do we get them to motivate themselves? Based on extensive research for her book, Fall Down 7, Get Up 8: Teaching Kids to Succeed, Dr. Debbie Silver offers surprising new findings about fundamental ways we can change our teaching practices to help kids become self-motivated. Come prepared to have your thinking challenged and to receive a multitude of strategies that help learners develop internal motivation and resiliency.

Handouts for Debbie's sessions

Middle School Matters

Deliberate Optimism: Reclaiming the Joy in Education

Great Teaching Tips I’ve Stolen From My Friends

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Monte Selby

Hit Songwriters and This We Believe in Action
March 31, 2017

A well-crafted song can provide insights into what the brain loves (how we learn), and how to support This We Believe characteristics of middle schools that are collaborative, inviting, engaging, and relationship driven. Expect music, inspiration, practical ideas, and a world-premiere performance.

Dr. Monte Selby is an educator, author, and speaker whose practical and inspiring presentation leaves audiences applauding across North America and Europe. Known as “education's songwriter,” he has written hundreds of songs with students, educators, and Grammy-winning musicians. Monte’s comical and insightful music—featured on network television, radio, podcasts, and websites, and in books, stage productions, and videos—is cultivated from an award-winning career as a teacher, principal, and professor.  Music Row Magazine describes his music as “a delightful variety” - “funky” - “astonishing” - “Wow”!

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