Strand B

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Advisory and Personalization of Learning

Middle level educators have been advocates for effective advisory programs for decades. Advisory combined with personalized learning plans; provide support for all students as they meet the challenges of academic and social development for the future.
Topics in this strand may include, but are not limited to:

● Advisory programs
● Developing student learning plans
● Community involvement opportunities
● Equitable access to programs
● Student engagement
● Teaming and collaboration
● Student voice

The Sessions

Activities that build Kindness and Respect in Schools

Presenter(s): Percy Hill, New England College, NH

This session will present each participant with situations and scenarios that promote critical thinking skills and cooperative learning through collaboration with others. Each participant will engage in a large variety of activities to promote and encourage building communities where everybody belongs. A major focus of this program is to look at the culture of our school and consider the tangible and intangible evidence that contribute to a safe and productive environment, thus promoting kindness, respect and positivity. Each participant will leave with many “hands-on” team building and problem solving initiatives. (90)

Advisory as a HomeBASE in Your School

Presenter(s): Tara Fernandez-Davila, Jennifer Frizzell, Reiko Funaki, Concord Middle School, Concord, NH

Are you interested in implementing or rebooting an advisory program? Three Concord Middle School teachers will share their journey of drafting, cultivating buy-in, and implementing a homegrown advisory program. Learn about how transformative advisory has been at CMS with relationship building while learning about challenges of a teacher led initiative. (50)

Cracking the Advisory Code: How to implement and evaluate an interest-based advisory program

Presenter(s): Mark Ambruso and Noah Ventola, Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School, Old Lyme, CT

To develop a positive school community, we created an interest-based advisory program to provide students with shared experiences. We grouped our school community around common areas of interest, and we connected the evaluation of this program to our teacher evaluation. Learn how we developed, implemented, and evaluated this program. (49)

More Than a Homeroom: Making Genuine Connections in Advisory (Exhibitor)

Presenter(s): Josie Martin, Project Adventure, Worcester, MA

Does your advisory create connections? Develop relationships? Build community? Project Adventure has been doing this for 40 years! Our philosophy is based around the social and emotional well-being of the group. Come learn how to get all your students moving, interacting, solving problems and ultimately creating the positive school culture (climate) we all aspire to. (55)

Power of Relationships

Presenter(s): Kristen Levesque, Maranacook Community Middle School, Readfield, ME

The advisor program, the foundation of Maranacook Community School, brings together a diverse group of students with a caring adult. Advisors support the social, emotional, and academic growth of each advisee by building and sustaining relationships with advisees, parents, and community. This session will share strategies and philosophies used within the advisory program, that help to support the whole child. (60)

The Agelessness of Mentorship

Presenter(s): Brittany Anderson, Covenant Preparatory School, Hartford, CT

Mentorship is a lifelong component in the lives of successful individuals. We all have people that we go to for support, reason and guidance. As educators, we play a unique, yet underrated role in the process of mentorship. We are gifted with bright eyed students each year, who are longing to learn and be loved. Often times, we under value the effect that the latter can have on the former. Hold fast, we can change that! (76)

Igniting Powerful and Impactful Learning in Middle School

Presenter(s): Tobey Eugenio, Our Sister’s School, New Bedford, MA

Gain knowledge and tools to build a community of empathetic, empowered, engaged learners through tiered and layered programing that includes examples of Choice, Genius Flex Block, Dendrites class, "community as a campus", Community Core, Outdoor Learning lab, Students in Action, Cross-Grade Goodness, Think Give, Advisory, community meetings and more... (49)

Port-Visory: Integrating Advisory, Reflections and Portfolios into a Middle School

Presenter(s): Hannah Kast, Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School, East Harwich, MA

Part portfolio, part advisory, this ever-evolving “Port-visory” program gives students an opportunity to strengthen connections, develop their ability to set goals and reflect, and to create a physical display of growth over three years. Come hear about the challenges, successes and lessons learned while creating and implementing this committee-created program. (50)

Relationships Matter: Encourage kids to WANT to produce amazing work

Presenter(s): Tracy McGarry, Norton Middle School, Norton, MA

Learn how to build better relationships and rapport with your students. Discover the tools needed to boost morale, show kindness and reach the hardest-to-reach kids. Learn how this can lead to an increased work production and decreased challenges. Come see how this can yield dividends in your classroom and school! (50)

Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner: Experiential, Brain-Based Activities to Engage, Motivate, and Promote Social-Emotional Learning

Presenter(s): Jennifer Stanchfield, Experiential Tools, South Newfane, VT

Join in this interactive workshop and learn ways to motivate students, inspire a sense of discovery, instill a desire to learn, and create a positive and supportive learning community. Explore brain-based methods to engage learners emotionally, physically and intellectually in academics while learning and practicing important social and emotional skills. (50)

Flipgrid Playground

Presenter(s): Kimberly Zajak, Norton Middle School, Norton, MA

Join this fun, interactive deep dive into many ways Flipgrid can be used to amplify student voice, global learning & bring new energy into your classroom! "Flipgrid Playground" is where participants can have real-time fun using flipgrid where assistance is at the ready as we explore this new exciting territory together! (51)