Strand C

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Assessment in today's classroom provides a continuous, purposeful, and appropriate way of reviewing evidence of student learning. This information provides data to guide and determine specific teaching and learning strategies, that support and increase, not just monitor student progress.
Topics in this strand may include, but are not limited to:

● Designing and using effective formative and summative assessments
● Authentic and alternative assessments
● Portfolios
● Providing effective feedback to students
● Student-led conferences
● Performance-based assessment
● Standards-based assessment
● Connecting classroom assessments to State Standards
● Data teams
● Differentiated Assessment

The Sessions

Collecting Data for IEP Using Google

Presenter(s): Dan Douglas, Stamford Public Schools, Stamford, CT

This session will teach people how to collect student data for IEP's using Google forms. It will provide an alternative to using pen and paper and will resume time on data collection significantly. Teachers will learn how to use Google forms and adapt it to students IEP goals and then use it to create graphs and reliable data to use in meetings. (62)

Evolving your Assessments

Presenter(s): William Sullivan, Williams Middle School, Longmeadow, MA

Evolve your assessments from multiple choice, short answer, and matching to inquiry, project-based, and fun/engaging. Learn how to help your students enjoy the assessments you are designing. Create assessments that encourage analysis, application, inquiry, and collaboration. (36)

Student Portfolios...Lessons Learned

Presenter(s): Angela Fitzgerald, Jessica Payeur, Nichole Pike, Londonderry Middle School, Londonderry, NH

We will share the journey we are taking using student portfolios and presentations as evidence of student learning. You will leave knowing what did and didn’t work so that you may build on these experiences, as well as access google docs we currently use, to get you started. (48)

Using Student Assistants to Foster a Student-Centered Classroom

Presenter(s): Alicia Marques, Doug Stith, David Sutherland, Londonderry Middle School, Londonderry, NH

We will share the benefits of incorporating student assistants into a classroom and how they allow teachers to implement a student-centered environment. You will see how they improve the assessment process and have been taught to provide formative feedback. You will also discuss how their support helps learner motivation. (49)