Strand F

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Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum

Developmentally responsive schools provide standards-based curriculum that is rigorous and relevant to students in all subject areas including unified arts and technology. Integrating unified arts and technology into content and relevant learning experiences are keys to student success and school improvement. Incorporating literacy across all content areas in an ongoing, systematic, and planned manner is critical.
Topics in this strand may include, but are not limited to:

● Cyber ethics
● Interdisciplinary curriculum
● Curriculum mapping
● Curriculum design/implementation/ assessment
● STEM/STEAM for middle level
● Aligning curriculum to Common Core State Standards and appropriate middle level practices
● Service learning
● Instructional accommodations
● Standards-based curriculum
● Team based instruction
● Project-based learning
● Hands-on learning experiences
● Higher order thinking skills
● Specific teaching/learning strategies
● Differentiated instruction
● Experiential learning
● Multiple intelligences
● Second language learners

The Sessions

Beyond Dead White Guys: Theme-based History Curricula as a Tool to Strengthen Diversity

Presenter(s): Jeff Martin, Covenant Preparatory School, Ct

You’re a Latino boy in U.S. history class. Maybe you’re a black girl in ancient civilizations class. Where do you see yourself? “What’s up with all these dead white guys?” Theme-based social studies curricula in the middle grades strengthens classroom equity and fosters higher order thinking among all students. (49)

Breaking Down the Silos: Starting a Humanities Class from the Ground Up

Presenter(s): Phoebe Buckman and Angie Lavoie, Lancaster Elementary School, Lancaster, NH

Take a closer look at the challenges and opportunities for starting a humanities program in a school that does not currently have access to a humanities class. A step by step look at the way we started collaborating and cross curricular work between SS and ELA within our school. (49)

Breakout EDU - Encouraging Problem Solving!

Presenter(s): Alison Hinkley, Lyman Moore Middle School, Portland, ME

Have you heard of the escape rooms?!? Come to this presentation to participate in an educational twist of the escape rooms! Participants will work together to solve puzzles. Puzzles can be adapted to any content/ability level. This is interactive and a great way to work as a team! (48)

Engaging the Adolescent Brain

Presenter(s): Karen Lintner, Kearsarge Regional Middle School, NH

Scientists are uncovering amazing facts about brain development. In this session you will hear several facts about how the middle school mind and body is developing accompanied by strategies that capitalize on this knowledge to make more efficient learners. Participants are encouraged to share ideas with the group as well. (50)

Gridiron: An interdisciplinary playbook to tackling standards through Fantasy Football

Presenter(s): Dave Montgomery and Sunny Sadana, Oyster River Middle School, Durham, NH

Come learn about an interdisciplinary competency-driven unit, with a focus on math formulas, US geography, intense fandom enrichment opportunities, and the fabulous game of Fantasy Football! Laptops are helpful, but not required. Be ready to pass, draft, and play. Participants of all Fantasy Football comfort levels-- no experience, amateurs (like the presenters), and pros--are encouraged to participate. Resources from unit will be shared. (64)

It’s Genius! Sharing and Learning with Preservice Teachers

Presenter(s): Frank Daniello and Brooke Eisenbach, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA

This highly-interactive session will involve participants dialoguing with preservice teachers about critical issues in middle level teaching and learning, such as those related with social justice education and social emotional development. Through these conversations, participants will learn about research and pedagogical practices for improving their teaching. (46)

Literacy Cross Fit: Utilizing 21st Century Skills to Exercise Literacy and Mental Stamina Across the Content Area

Presenter(s): Abigail Carey, Jacqueline, DelVecchio and Eve Lasher, Jockey Hollow School, Monroe, CT

Do you want to increase literacy and mental stamina in your students? This workshop will provide strategies for use across content areas, including ways to differentiate among the diverse learners in your classroom. Increase reading comprehension even with challenging texts, and walk away with ideas to use immediately at school! (50)

Personalized Learning for Change

Presenter(s): Morgan Moore, Burke Town School, West Burke, VT

This presentation shares how we created and implemented a personalized unit, where students developed community projects based on the Global Goals. Teachers integrated content, used PLPs for goal setting, transferable skills, workshop model and applied math. We will share the design framework we used and lead participants through the process. (50)

Powerful Interdisciplinary Work in ELA/SS using the Civil War Diary of LeRoy Gresham

Presenter(s): Kimberly Conrad, Dover Middle School, Dover, NH and Janet Croon, Fairfax County Public Schools, Ashburn, VA

Come explore history through the eyes of LeRoy Riley Gresham, author of the only known child's diary to have survived the Civil War. LeRoy's amazing journals chronicle almost all of the Civil War from start to finish! Although this young man was ill and disabled, his high intellect and zest for life bring the Civil War to life with authenticity. Come "meet" LeRoy and collect some wonderful materials to bring him into your classroom. (74)

Promoting Growth through Risk Taking in the Arts

Presenter(s): Michael McLaughlin and Marta Pascucci-Byrne, Austin Preparatory School, Reading, MA

Learners thrive when they direct their academic program. Austin Prep’s Art and Design faculty offers choice through electives. Fostering community and curiosity, faculty promote inspiration and individual growth through risk-taking. Learn about scheduling logistics and some of the unique courses and showcase opportunities taking center stage at Austin Prep. (49)

Publishing Student Authors: Real Audiences Yield Real Results

Presenter(s): Leeann Blais and Nicole Putney, Austin Preparatory School, Reading, MA

Looking for a new way to motivate student writers? Give them a real audience for their published work! Stress-free classroom sharing and student publishing to wider audiences will be discussed. Let parents, peers, administrators, and even global connections know how amazing your students are! (44)

Realistic Planning and Implementation of Interdisciplinary Units

Presenter(s): Mike Sapia and James Stanton, Rippowam Middle School, Stamford, CT

Interdisciplinary units can be an engaging and exciting way for students and teachers to access curriculum in a meaningful and authentic way. We will walk you through our steps for planning and implementing small units involving 2-3 subjects as well as large units that involve entire grade levels and specials. (50)

Scmath: Science is Applied Mathematics

Presenter(s): Amy Alterman and Kathleen Foley, Jockey Hollow School, Monroe, CT

What happens when you combine math with science? You ge Scmath! Come learn the benefits of cross curricular collaboration, have time to analyze connections between math and science, and create potential lessons involving real world applications. Never again will you answer the question, "Why do we need to learn this?" (50)

Teaching to ALL Sides of the Brain

Presenter(s): Jen Marchetti and John Pelizzari, Dolan Middle School, Stamford, CT

This fun, interactive session explores easy, quick, and fun ways to make movement and art part of your classroom experience, keeping students engaged and ready to learn. Practical activities that have been used effectively in the classroom setting will be provided to attendees. Be prepared to smile! (47)

Team Teaching for Global Citizenship

Presenter(s): Kelly Korenak, Urban Scholars, UMASS Boston, Boston, MA

Teach about global challenges to the planet and human well-being by approaching topics through the lens of science, social studies, math and language arts. Engage in theme-based hands-on activities on the environmental stewardship, population and migration, and human rights, all while building critical thinking and problem-solving skills. (47)

Tips and Techniques to Facilitate Integrated Instruction

Presenter(s): Janice Arinello, Emily Kelley and Nathan Whitworth, Kingswood Regional Middle School, Wolfeboro, NH

Tips and Techinquest to Facilitate Integrated Instruction will help teachers find ways to connect their student's learning across disciplines. Whether the goal is sharing common language or complete integration, the workshop will demonstrate how to use technology, creative scheduling, and collaboration to help educators maximize connections across disciplines. (48)

Youth Activism 101

Presenter(s): Dinah Mack, JFK Middle School, Northampton, MA

Youth activism is an essential part of democratic society. This workshop will introduce teachers to the history of youth activism and will also provide materials and lesson plans for teachers to use that integrates student-led youth activism into the classroom. Leave with materials to empower students to make social change. (50)

Building 21st Century Skills in the STEAM Classroom

Presenter(s): Tobey Eugenio, Our Sister’s School, New Bedford, MA

Ozobots, Makey Makey, Scratch, Growth-mindset, Productive Struggle and so much more! Join powerful middle school students and their teachers as they share their first-hand knowledge, experiences and lesson from their STEAM classroom. Participants will gain tools and strategies to build 21st skills through meaningful project-based learning experiences! (47)

Increasing Civic Engagement and Understanding Through a Town Meeting Project

Presenter(s): Hannah Kast, Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School, East Harwich, MA

Come explore a differentiated, interactive Annual Town Meeting Project! For 23 years our 8th graders have learned about local government through researching, attending, analyzing, and often participating in town meeting. Come reflect on how this project could be altered for implementation to increase civic understanding and engagement at your school! (50)

Get Them Moving, Talking, Reflecting and Keep Them Engaged! Experiential, Brain-Based Approaches to Facilitating Meaningful and Productive Teaching, Group Work and Reflection

Presenter(s): Jennifer Stanchfield, Experiential Tools, South Newfane, VT

Join in this engaging workshop and fill your toolbox with active, brain-based strategies to facilitate meaningful reflection, dialogue, and formative assessment. Take away a variety of innovative tools and techniques to increase relevancy, meaning, depth of understanding and connection to future learning. Promote buy-in and ownership in learning and create lasting lessons students will carry forward. (56)