Strand G

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Safe and Healthy School Environment

A positive school climate and quality, developmentally appropriate learning environment provides the young adolescent an opportunity for growth and learning.
Topics in this strand may include, but are not limited to:

● Safety and security
● School climate and culture
● Health and wellness
● Social skills development
● Student leadership
● School safety programs

The Sessions

“Let’s Talk!”: Critical Conversations Through YAL Across the Content Areas

Presenter(s): Brooke Eisenbach, Professor, Caitlin Corrieri, Teacher, Caroline Acquaviva, Charlotte Danis, Grace Kyrk, Matthew Murch, Caitlin Sousa, Students, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA

How can we collaborate to engage middle level readers in critical conversations in the classroom? How can literature help? This session will explore a variety of YAL titles and strategies teachers can utilize to facilitate student dialogue on matters of identity, social-emotional learning and social justice across the content areas. (50)

Four-Legged Faculty Member ...Why Having a Full Time Therapy Dog in Middle School Makes So Much "Doggone" Sense

Presenter(s): Katherine Race, MSAD 40, Waldoboro, ME

Kate Race, Principal of Medomak Middle School, will share how school climate, student achievement, and overall student investment in school has risen since Tilla, a registered therapy dog, has been a full-time presence on campus. Meet Tilla and find out how she became a staff member and middle school mentor for many students struggling to get basic needs met. (59)

Mindfulness in the Classroom, In Support of All Learners

Presenter(s): Justin Cameron and Dan Murphy, Concord Middle School, Concord, MA
Concord Middle School social studies teacher Dan Murphy and principal Justin Cameron will co-lead a presentation on Mindfulness in the Classroom.

The session will focus on Mindfulness as a tier 1 intervention that when effectively embedded in the classroom as a practice, can better engage all types of learners. (49)

The Innovative Teacher: Building Relationships for Student Success

Presenter(s): Ginger Darling, Bud Carlson Academy, Rochester, NH

Explore new, creative ideas that are easy to implement into your classroom, and quickly build positive relationships with your students. Examine how these additions boost students' self-esteem, producing a supportive climate in your classroom. Review teacher reflections and student feedback with an Alternative School teacher. (45)

The Mindful Classroom

Presenter(s): Shannon Witman and David Hughes, Andover West Middle School, Andover, MA

In a world full of distractions and over-stimulation, students learn best from a mindful classroom environment. In this workshop, teachers will learn a number of ways to turn their classrooms into optimal learning spaces aimed at increasing awareness, focus, predictability, self-regulation, and safety. (43)

The Power of Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Presenter(s): Mark Holt, Beech Hill School, Hanover, NH

As teachers, our priority is always the safety of our students, including their emotional wellbeing. This session will examine the importance of social-emotional learning in the classroom. Come for some tips on how you can incorporate this into your curriculum. (41)

Getting on the Same Page: How a district-wide online book study can unify educators

Presenter(s): Tracy McGarry and Kim Zajac, Norton Middle School, Norton, MA

Have you ever thought of starting a book study in your school or district? We have! We will share what we have learned - from how to start a book study to what books to choose to funding sources, we hope to inspire other districts to get on the same page! (51)