Performance Based Tasks and Their Relationship to Instruction

May 22, 2017
Plymouth State University
2 Pillsbury St, Concord, NH

Is a constructed response a performance task? Is a performance task project based learning? Why does it have to be so confusing? Come to this workshop to share how you are using performance tasks in your instructional practice and to learn from others. We will examine the quality of available tasks, understand the validation process, and leave with the intention of using an authentic task in your classroom before the end of the school year. Sample resources as well as validation rubrics will be available.


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Lyn Ward Healy is a familiar face to NELMS members. She’s known as presenter and consultant and has a wealth of information about middle level having served for five years as the NELMS Associate Executive Director. Recently Lyn has been working with SCALE/UL at Stanford University on performance tasks.