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How to Keep Your Children Safe In Public Spaces
Do you worry about taking your children to the park and letting them play? You’re not alone. Taking young and curious kids to public places can be daunting and stressful for any parent. Children don’t think about putting their safety first and can wander off when something catches their eye.
Taking them to parks and other open spaces should be enjoyable. It allows them to use up some energy, harness their inquisitive nature and get involved with their surroundings; learning about nature and social interaction from a young age. You’ve just got to arm yourself – and your children – with the right information.

Healthy Habits
This guide is meant to help students of all ages and their families better understand the effects of poor nutrition and obesity, and how best to eat well, exercise, and live a healthy life. Key updates to the guide include:

  • An expanded list of wellness tips for college students, including places to eat and exercise on campus
  • Facts and figures about student obesity and fitness in America
  • Interviews with two leading nutrition experts
  • More tips for healthy eating and exercise at home

A Social Work Degree
Do you enjoy helping others? Are you passionate about social justice and human rights? If you want to be an agent for change, earning a degree in social work is good preparation for employment in this field. You’ll learn the skills necessary to secure employment and maintain employment. Social work allows you to work for the greater good, contribute to communities, and increase people’s well-being.

A good website:

Pew Internet and American Life Project has some interesting research, much presented in form appropriate for parents:

A intriguing video about the what education should look like:

The companion website to a fun book about how brains work:

Links to Anti-bullying information

Cyberbullying is a topic of current interest for middle school parents. We see reports in the press too frequently of the tragic effects of this phenomenon.
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Do your kids shower after gym class? Tradition fading away for some

Today's teens aren't shocked by much.

They don't blink an eye when they spot a kid with drugs or a classmate with a baby. It's not that big a deal anymore if guys or girls dye their hair pink and pierce their faces. But the idea of getting naked to shower after gym class? No way, José.
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Having an Overscheduled Middle School Child

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Family Matters: Single parent concerns about the middle school transition
Link to pdf of the study
This study investigated the differences between single parent mothers' and fathers' concerns about the middle school transition. The sampling population was 149 single parents of students from middle schools in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The findings showed that both groups of single parents had a higher number of academic transitional concerns than social transitional concerns. The mothers had higher concerns for the academic transition than the social transition. The fathers, however, had more concerns for the social transition than academic transition. With these findings, schools may want to develop school and family centered strategies for addressing the gender based and single parent family concerns in the transition to the middle school.

Family Education Network
A great general resource. If you go the "ages and grade" menu choice and then select grades 6 - 8 you will receive some interesting ideas specifically about middle school age kids.

The National Parenting Center

Frontline-Distracted by Everything
This is a Disney produced family website. It is very deep. try the drop down menu for an amazing list of keywords to chosoe from.

Parenting of Adolescents -
The section on Parenting of Adolescents. A great set of topics from a website with a real human guide to assist you!

Things to do

Looking for some interesting and engaging family activities? New England has some wonderful museums. Here are some that are favorites of NELMS members:

ECHO Lake Aquarium
Montshire Museum of Science
Shelburne Museum
Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

New Hampshire:
Strawbery Banke
Seacoast Science Center

Museum of Science, Boston
Old Sturbridge Village
Plimoth Plantation

Maine Maritime Museum

Parenting Exceptional Children

Council for Exceptional Children
This organization is dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or the gifted.

Parenting of Special Children -
The section on parenting children with special needs. Be sure to follow all of the great links here and consider signing up for the "parenting from the heart" newsletter.

Safety and Wellness

A School Nurse’s Guide to Kids’ Health and Safety

Children spend most of their waking hours in school, which means that school nurses and teachers are on the front lines in the battle to keep kids healthy. In order to help school nurses and teachers combat misinformation about children's safety and health, the team at RNtoBSN has created an online guide that includes:

  • More than 15 pages of health and safety illustrations and interactive charts (PDF here)
  • Treatment information for ailments from allergies to concussions.
  • Strategies for keeping children healthy.
  • Basic personal hygiene information.

An interesting video about fitness-based PE:

An interesting article about the health effects of watching TV:

Study: Weight affects school attendance
Obese and overweight children are more likely to be absent from school than healthy children, a study of students in Philadelphia found. The absences are probably more related to psychological and social issues than health ones, one expert says. The New York Times (8/21)

Adolescent and School Health Information
The mission of DASH is to: identify the highest priority health risks among youth, monitor the incidence and prevalence of those risks, implement national programs to prevent risks, and, evaluate and improve those programs.

Kids Health
A site created by the Neumors Foundation to provide health information for kids from birth to adolescence.

Bam! Body and Mind
This child-geared health Web site from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lets kids play games, take quizzes and make their own fitness calendars.

Find game ideas, recipes and advice for parents and kids on living a healthy lifestyle.

Nemours Foundation
Browse nutrition-and health related articles and tips for parents. Special sections for kids and teens teach them about the bodies through interactive games.

Locate the nearest YMCA to find a variety of kids' fitness classes.

Helping Your Child Achieve

Helping hands and "incentives" can go too far

Help your Child Improve in Test-Taking
Simple techniques to help a child do well on tests.

Help your child learn to write well
Simple and fun strategies for helping children learn to write well

Help Your Child Learn Geography
Simple and fun activities to teach youngsters the fundamentals of geography

Help Your Child Learn History
A tool that parents can use to stimulate their children's active involvement in the history that surrounds them

Helping Your Children Learn Math
Here are proven ideas and activities for families to help their children succeed in math.

Helping Your Child Learn Science
Suggests ways parents can interest their children from about 3 to 10 years old in science. Some ideas may still be useful to middle level parents.