School Based Professional Development
Middle Level Courses

(with graduate credit options)

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Engaging the Young Adolescent Learner

Understanding the nature and needs of young adolescents translates theory into best practices for classroom instruction. This course is designed for educators to analyze and reflect on topics such as adolescent psychology and current middle level research supporting best middle level practices.

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for the Young Adolescent Learner—Parts I and II

This course, offered in two parts of three credits each, covers the essence of effective middle level curriculum, instruction and assessment practices for young adolescent learners and is based on best practice and current research. In Part I, learn how to create a climate for learning, understand learning styles and curriculum connections, engage in curriculum mapping, design interdisciplinary instruction, and develop a variety of assessment strategies. In Part II, learn strategies for differentiating instruction, consider innovative grouping and scheduling practices and address teaching students with diverse learning needs.

Schools Young Adolescents Need—Topics in Middle Level Education

Current middle level research advocates for strong teams to engage in thoughtful practice to design effective learning environments for young adolescents. The implications of teaming, grouping for instruction, national standards and state standards and mandates, utilizing data analysis as a tool for improving student achievement and a variety of other topics will be included in this course.

Literacy Issues Across the Curriculum

Reading, writing and study skills belong in every content area. Understand how to develop students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills by creating educational opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners. Connections among and between state curriculum frameworks will be made. An appreciation for multicultural perspectives in reading and writing will be developed during this course as well.

NELMS Middle Level Courses require the completion of projects to be used in the classroom. Participants will have professional reading requirements and are expected to be active learners. Textbooks can be purchased through the NELMS Resource Catalog and are discounted for class members. District, school and individual pricing structures are available. Students may elect to take courses for graduate credit for an additional fee.

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