School Based Professional Development

Are you looking for hassle-free professional development? NELMS can arrange plans for long-term school improvement, one-day workshops, release-time programs, middle level courses with graduate credit options, after-school and regional meetings to address your school's professional development objectives.

NELMS offers professional development services to help you continue your quest for excellence in the education of young adolescents. Your school can become a fully implemented middle level school using the research of Turning Points 2000 and Breaking Ranks in the Middle 2006 .

Expectations for professional development offered by the New England League of Middle Schools

Supporting your school to be the BEST!

  • Tailor made to meet the needs of your school and its constituents
  • Professional development based on the most recent research and best practice
  • Open communication between a school and NELMS regarding improvement
  • A cadre of consultants who are rooted in middle level best practices and who have experience at the middle level
  • Quality professional development activities that motivate, stimulate, and provide participants with classroom practices that are immediately applicable
  • A fair pricing schedule with special discounts for member schools
  • Professional handouts that can be used as future reference by all participants
  • An open and ongoing communication system that is intended to support school improvement
  • Professional development activities that are sustainable and will be embedded in daily instruction


School-Based Options

NELMS facilitates learning in all areas of middle level education. We will provide a consultant to work with your faculty. If desired, the program can be presented one day and the consultant can return in the role of coach.

Sample topics for presentation

Breaking Ranks In the Middle - B. R. I. M.

Now a NELMS option for you!

As you would expect from the region's premier leader of professional development in middle level education, NELMS now offers training for B.R.I.M. (Breaking Ranks in the Middle). This researched based opportunity will help school leaders identify key practice that will help improve student learning.

B.R.I.M. was developed by NASSP and the Education Alliance at Brown University in order to help school leaders apply the latest research to improve middle level learning. Breaking Ranks In the Middle training provides middle school leadership teams with quality information that help schools get better. We have the middle level knowledge, the middle level people, and the practical experience at the middle level necessary to help ensure quality implementation. You will work with NELMS BRIM consultants who have extensive experience in middle level schools. Help ensure the success of your entire school by engaging in this successful school renewal through B.R.I.M. and NELMS!

In Connecticut, contact the Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS) as they are the service provider for B.R.I.M. training. NELMS and CAS are collaborating on this important initiative.

Click here for a PDF of the B.R.I.M. and NELMS Planning and Information Guide

After School Activities

Would your teachers like to learn effective practices and network with other middle level teachers in your area? Host a regional activity! NELMS provides the facilitator who will lead one, two, or more after-school sessions on topics such as Team Leader Training or Advisory Teacher Topics. You provide the location and the pizza, and we'll provide the program you request. Invite other area schools to join you at a mutually convenient time.


  • Smaller Learning Communities
  • Strategies for School Improvement Planning (the process)
  • Aligning State Standards to local curriculum
  • Breaking Ranks in the Middle
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Standards-based Instruction
  • Middle level literacy and matheracy
  • School Safety and Emergency Management Planning
  • Transitioning students from elementary to middle and then to high school