Professional Development - Sample Topics

Sample Topics for Presentations include:

Ensuring the success of every child

  • Exactly what is a middle school?
  • Understanding young adolescents
  • Responding to the needs of young adolescents
  • Transitioning to an effective middle school
  • Advisory: training and implementation
  • Inclusion at the middle level
  • Creating a schedule that works
  • High achieving middle level schools
  • Co-teaching strategies
  • Gifted/talented students

Relevant curriculum grounded in standards

  • Curriculum mapping
  • Using data to make curriculum decisions and drive instruction
  • Integrating curriculum
  • Designing interdisciplinary units
  • Teaching a standards-based curriculum
  • Connecting the unified arts
  • Using "backward" designs

Instructional methodologies for young adolescent

  • Promoting appropriate grouping practices
  • Teaching in a heterogeneous classroom
  • Differentiating instruction
  • Reading and writing across the curriculum
  • Assessing students and reporting progress
  • Teaching tips and strategies
  • Using data for instructional decisions
  • Integrating technology into classroom instruction

Opportunities for middle level professionals

  • Understanding the nature and needs of young adolescents
  • Classrooom management skills
  • Teacher-to-teacher sharing opportunities
  • Mentoring for new middle level teachers
  • Emergency Middle School Training (EMST) introducing new personnel to middle level
  • Support for middle level administrators
  • Facilitating study groups for middle level educators

Creating a community-organizational structure

  • Teaming—the heart of a middle school
  • So we're a what?
  • Effective teaming—the next level
  • Unified arts as a team
  • Team leader training
  • Looping, multiage and/or other

Governing democratically

  • Leading at the middle level
  • Developing teacher leaders
  • Involving all school constituencies
  • Developing a vision with school-wide agreement
  • Helping students learn to lead

Providing a safe and healthy learning environment

  • Designing a new school
  • Adapting current space to meet new needs
  • Promoting appropriate grouping practices
  • Peer mediation and conflict resolution
  • Creating a positive school climate based on respect
  • Classroom management skills
  • Designing school crisis plans
  • Comprehensive guidance programs

Involving parents and communities

  • What is a middle school and why is it unique?
  • Homework: perspectives and possibilities
  • The challenges of the middle school years
  • Middle level schools: what research says
  • Flexible grouping at the middle level
  • Making connections—how to bring the community to school
  • Facilitation services