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The purpose of the Spotlight School Award is to recognize schools that have a record of effective teaching and learning for young adolescents and consistently implement middle level best practices. A NELMS Spotlight School is recognized for developing strong effective programs that reflect concepts contained in Turning Points 2000, and This We Believe, and current middle level state recommendations.

Application Process:Schools submit data to NELMS by completing self-assessment surveys and providing additional supporting documentation. NELMS reviews the materials and make the selection of schools that will continue in the process. Following the initial selection, one or two representatives of NELMS will visit the school. After the visit, schools who meet the criteria of Spotlight School recognition will be notified. NELMS representatives are selected for their knowledge of effective middle level practices. NELMS also recognizes schools based on its knowledge of individual middle level schools. Schools that have participated in the NELMS School Assessment process may be awarded the Spotlight School designation as a result of the assessment.

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