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Study: Struggling students benefit from work with senior citizens
Students who struggle with reading are being tutored by volunteers with Experience Corps, which has programs in 23 cities nationwide. A study found that students involved in the tutoring program perform 60% better in reading on state tests than peers with similar backgrounds and abilities.

Graduate Education and the “Master’s Bump” for Teaching Professionals
Much has been made of the lackluster salaries for teachers in the United States. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites an average salary of $51,380 for elementary school teachers and the slightly higher $51,960 and $53,230 for middle and high school teachers, respectively, that average incorporates the salary of those who have been teaching for years, or even decades. Salaries for the lowest 10 percent of educators–typically, beginning teachers with bachelor’s degrees–are less than $35,000 per year, regardless of the age of their students.